Make This Course a Blueprint

Did You Know
  • When used from within Canvas, this form is used to make the current course a Blueprint for other courses.
  • In general, only sandbox (master) courses can be converted to a Blueprint course.
  • Students cannot be enrolled in Blueprint courses.
  • Blueprint courses can define files, quizzes, pages, discussions and assignments to multiple courses.
  • Optionally, items pushed from Blueprint courses to other courses can be “locked” to prevent modification.
  • The Canvas ID number is the 5-8 digit number at the end of the URL of the blueprint courses homepage.
  • This information helps Canvas Administrators configure your blueprint course correctly. If this form is used from within Canvas, it is selected for you. If your course URL is, this field's value should be
    Blueprint courses need to be associated with other courses. To help Canvas Administrators configure the course correctly, what courses will rely on the blueprint?
  • Enter the Canvas Course ID numbers, or the URLs of each course which needs to be associated to this blueprint course.
  • Please provide a bit of information on the intended use of the course. This will help Canvas Administrators provide additional information and avoid pitfalls.